Cats and Kittens

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Kos is a small island but the cat population here is huge.  An estimated 35,000 cats live here, owned stray, abandoned and feral cats. Often you will see them scavenging and feeding from the rubbish bins which are sometimes their only source of food.
​This is more seen in the winter as tourists feed the cats in the summer months, this takes away their natural instinct to hunt and they come dependant on humans

Kittens are born with many problems and disease including Feline Immunodeficiency Virus &Feline Leukemia.
Internal and external parasites are also the cause for several life threatening illnesses, the list is endless………
A lot of cats fall prey to the dogs, injured and killed by the traffic and poisoned by people who do not want them in their area.

On average a female produces three litters of four kittens annually and the female kittens go on at the same rate, the result is about 5,000 cats from a single breeding female in four years.
We are trying eliminate the suffering of the cats here on the island, our successful Trap Neuter and Return project has worked well and has seen the cat population drop dramatically in many areas of the island.
The cats are identified by removing the tip from the left ear.

We try to do this out of season when the resorts and hotels are not busy, making it much easier to trap the cats and get them straight to our vet where they stay overnight before being released back into their natural environment.
We do not have a shelter for cats as it would be permanently full and very difficult to maintain as many of the cats/kittens that are sick have virus that spreads like wildfire. It is common knowledge that a huge percentage of sheltered cats do not survive. Injured cats stay in a private home or at the vets to be cared for and there is limited space.
We believe that sterilisation/castration is the only answer.
Sterilisation has many advantages, especially the prevention of unwanted pregnancy and litters. In addition, the sterilisation of females also entails fewer health problems Neutering also helps preventing certain behaviour problems, such as roaming, fights causing injuries and intense scent-marking. In turn, neutered cats have fewer risks of suffering problems of the testicles and prostate.



                                               This is a continuous battle and we are always needing financial help.
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